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MultI-wick pillar candle

This candle has 13 different sizes. It is injection with Foam Wax. Compared with the Solid Wax, it's price has a great advantage (big and more cheaper). Because of it’s Multicore, it ensures uniform stability when burning, and gives people a feeling of purity and tranquility.

It has good appearance of the product also. It's combustion decoration effect is very good, suitable for all kinds of environment decoration and atmosphere.

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Shanghai Daisy

Shanghai Daisy is the largest manufacturer of citronella candles in China.

Founded in 2006 with production facility Shanghai

We can ship domestically or sell direct import.

Shanghai Daisy ships to more than 35 countries and is in production year round

We hold the license for Mossy Oak citronella products

Shanghai Daisy’s current offering consists of more than 250 products with multiple packaging solutions

Shanghai Daisy is the largest supplier of private label citronella goods in USA market (50,000+ stores)

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  • Citronella Candle

    Our Citronella products are made with nature’s natural insect repellent… real citronella oil. All of our citronella candles are made with 3% citronella oil which has been proven to have the highest efficacy rating. We offer top grade raw materials in order to guarantee premium quality and effectiveness. All of our candles meet the required regulations for the USA and for all international countries.

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  • Our Factory Picture

    The main production facility of Daisy is located in Shanghai. We have 1600 Pallet lots,3 warehouse,1 Staff office.

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  • Remove Wax

    Looking for more ways to go green this year? We search high and low to find candle vessels reuse them for decoration, small storage, or crafts.

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  • Summer Trends

    Bonfires, yard games, and a whole lot of time relaxing in your backyard! We're sharing some of the best decor trends out here!

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