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Routine Fire Safety Drill of Shanghai Daisy Factory

In order to strengthen the safety of the factory, enhance people's awareness of safety and fire prevention, prevent and reduce fire hazards, and protect people, property and material safety. In line with the purpose of putting prevention first and combining prevention with fire fighting, our company regularly carries out 1-2 fire drills every month.

On Apr, 2021, Shanghai Daisy conducted a routine fire drill. Through the exercise, we can further understand and master the fire handling process, and improve the ability of coordination in dealing with emergencies.

All employees are quickly and orderly gathered to the designated assembly point. Lin long, the safety officer, first explained to you the fire-fighting knowledge and escape skills of large and small fire-fighting equipment, how to distinguish between dry ice and dry powder fire extinguisher, and how to correctly pull out the fire-fighting plug.

    The big iron bucket in the center of the site was filled with inflammables. After it was ignited, the safety officer explained how to use it. President Rocky Hu personally demonstrated how to use the fire extinguisher. He said that the fire should be put out from the root of the fire, and the injection time of the fire extinguisher is generally about 10 seconds, so the efficiency should be maximized. No matter what time and place the fire is, we should not panic in case of fire, we should be calm.

    Everyone studied hard and practiced one by one. Some female employees were a little timid and didn't dare to go up. Under the repeated encouragement of the leadership, they also tried. After all, it's better to know more about things that are closely related to life and property. Finally, the warehouse / workshop / office staffs have carried out the fire extinguisher combat training one by one, and everyone has learned to use the fire extinguisher.

    More fire drills to protect their own safety protect the company's property.

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