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MULTI-WICK Pillar Candle!

WINTER ‘2021

Let us see the Video to know more

About This MULTI-WICK Pillar Candle

This candle has 13 different sizes. It is injection with Foam Wax. Compared with the Solid Wax, it's price has a great advantage (big and more cheaper). Because of it’s Multicore, it ensures uniform stability when burning, and gives people a feeling of purity and tranquility.

It has good appearance of the product also. It's combustion decoration effect is very good, suitable for all kinds of environment decoration and atmosphere.

We are looking forward to cooperate with your company for long-term relationship and achieving more goals.

product Sizes Detail

  • Item no.:01446

    Size:Dia 12.5 x H10.16cm

    Weight: 624g

  • Item no.:01447

    Size:Dia 12.5 x H13.97cm

    Weight: 928g

  • Item no.:01448

    Size:Dia 12.5 x H17.78cm

    Weight: 1143g

  • Item no.:01449

    Size:Dia 14.9x H10.16cm

    Weight: 869g

  • Item no.:01450

    Size:Dia 14.9x H13.97cm

    Weight: 1237g

  • Item no.:01451

    Size:Dia 14.9 x H17.78cm

    Weight: 1622g

  • Item no.:01452

    Size:Dia 17.15 x H10.16cm

    Weight: 1229g

  • Item no.:01453

    Size:Dia 17.15x H13.97cm

    Weight: 1720g

  • Item no.:01454

    Size:Dia 19.2x H10.16cm

    Weight: 1438g

  • Item no.:01455

    Size:Dia 19.2 x H13.9cm

    Weight: 2005g

  • Item no.:01456

    Size:Dia 19.2 x H17.78cm

    Weight: 2540g

  • Item no.:01457

    Size:Dia 21.15 x H10.16cm

    Weight: 1680g

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